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BIM Document Management: Why You Should Outsource It

Many design firms struggle to find processes that can help increase their production and design. Setting standards, methods, organized content, and documented procedures in place is the most effective way to increase your production and design output. Without established procedures, your team may find themselves disrupting each other to locate, learn, or recreate content; this leads to a large amount of wasted time and energy. Once implemented within your company, best practice standards and policies positively impact your team’s productivity by reducing needless tasks. Outsourcing BIM document management and establishing standards will allow your company to improve designs, deliver more work and win more business at a more efficient rate.

The tasks of organizing content, defining processes, and maintaining support standards usually fall to a BIM/CAD manager. Many organizations do not have a BIM/CAD manager, so these additional responsibilities are given to an already overburdened production staff member.

One mitigation tool that organizations utilize to alleviate this problem is outsourcing their BIM/CAD management needs. Outsourcing BIM/CAD management needs is a great solution that allows internal personnel to do what they do best – produce design content.


Here are the top 5 reasons why organizations outsource their BIM document management:

Organizations can spend more time focusing on design.

Outsourcing allows your production staff and management to concentrate and commit to their primary focus. This focus, likely, is developing and designing solutions through billable time that address your clients’ needs. Another massive benefit to outsourcing BIM/CAD management is outsourcing partners to establish methods and procedures. Often your company must deal with workload constraints and installing these methods and systems in-house would also involve spending more of your team’s valuable time.

Companies have the advantage of leveraging experienced BIM/CAD management teams.

The second reason organizations outsource their BIM document management is leveraging a team with years of industry knowledge and expertise. Working with a group of individuals with an understanding of best practices and methods affords you the comfort of knowing that you are receiving best-in-class standards and practices. Many organizations throughout the industry utilize these processes in proven environments, showing reliability and efficiency across the board when it comes to internal production.

Companies benefit from a trusted consultant that can tailor unique solutions specific to them.

Another great benefit to outsourcing your BIM/CAD management is the benefit of having a trusted consultant by your side, looking out for you and your business’s best interests. Not only do trusted consultants solve any internal workload constraints you may experience, but they also can offer other services when needed. Having a trusted consultant working with your organization, understanding your methods and process, and being aware of other capabilities is enormous. Frequently, a trusted consultant can identify and apply solutions where additional needs arise.

Companies do not have the resources internally.

The economic impact will be a significant determining factor in whether an organization outsources its BIM/CAD management. Many businesses are not in a position that would allow a full-time employee to dedicate time to numerous BIM/CAD management duties. Either through the scope of work needed, based on the organization’s size, or the financial impact of hiring someone full time, financials play a significant role in the lack of BIM/CAD management and organization. Because of financial constraints, organizations ignore BIM/CAD management tasks. Frequently, internal teams must create their own inconsistent and often ineffective solutions because of this disregard.

Outsourcing certain areas of business is a standard method of service for companies.

Many organizations have outsourced services that focus on their primary business. By outsourcing their BIM/CAD management, companies find that they do not lose valuable production time trying to discover the best solution or workflows. Countless businesses have seen the advantage of outsourcing their Information Technology needs. Outsourcing your BIM/CAD management tasks is the same service method you are likely using for your outsourced IT needs.

Here are some typical uses for Managed Services that may surprise you:

  1. Organization of information
  2. Custom, reusable content creation
  3. Define and document the process and methods to be used in your company
  4. Internal gap training
  5. Best practices with new process implementation
  6. Develop or refine a BIM execution Plan or project start plan
  7. Maintaining standards and templates
  8. The advantage of having the experiences from hundreds of customers

For nearly 50 years, TPM has been solving these organizational pain-points for companies through our managed services solutions. Are you interested in learning more about managed services or the solutions we offer? Request a quote today – our professionals would love to reach out to you to understand better what problems you or your organization may be facing when trying to implement methods and processes.