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How-to: Setting the License Type in SOLIDWORKS PDM 

Choosing Licensing Types in SOLIDWORKS PDM

Choosing Licensing Types in SOLIDWORKS PDM


SOLIDWORKS PDM helps improve the quality of products by managing data files and documentation. PDM helps teams store and index design data, track versions, and collaborate on designs remotely. The software comes in three packages: SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional, and Manage, each of which provides various capabilities.

What Are License Types in SOLIDWORKS PDM?

Licensing for SOLIDWORKS PDM software is based on floating client licenses. SolidNetWork License Server manages a pool of licenses automatically applied to your system when you log in to a vault. The license is returned to the pool when you log out or exit SOLIDWORKS PDM. Three different SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional licenses are available: CAD Editor, Contributor, and Viewer.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional CAD Editor

PDM’s CAD Editor license type supports working with all file types, including enhanced management and previewing CAD formats like SOLIDWORKS files. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional functionality can be accessed within CAD applications with CAD add-ins.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Contributor

As with Editor, Contributor allows users to perform the same functions over a local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), or virtual private network (VPN), except CAD add-ins, which are not available.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Viewer

Viewer license only allows read-only access to vaults. Users cannot add or modify (check out, check-in, update values) files or use CAD add-ins.

How to Set a License Type in SOLIDWORKS PDM

The SolidNetWork License Manager allows users to utilize the SOLIDWORKS license they need to access the capabilities they require. For users of SOLIDWORKS CAD to use certain functions, the License Manager determines which license is required (Standard, Professional, or Premium). If a license is available, it is assigned to the user.

On the other hand, SOLIDWORKS PDM requires that the computer be configured to communicate to the SolidNetWork License Manager which license (CAD Editor, Contributor, or Viewer) the user will receive.

The steps to set this up are as follows:

Launch the SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration program from the Windows Start menu on the computer and choose “Help” > “About SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration….”

About SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration

Choose the license in the “Client type” dropdown list and click the OK button.

Selecting a PDM License Type - solidnetwork license manager

The computer must be restarted for the update to take effect. Now the user will receive the appropriate license when working in SOLIDWORKS PDM.

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