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Here, at TPM, we are always looking into cutting-edge technology to help our customers perform at peak efficiencies. We are now able to offer a tool that will automate your supply orders, service calls, and meter collection. This means that our customers no longer have to monitor or worry about the scope of their print hardware that they have purchased from TPM. Let us do what we do best so that you can focus on what you do best!

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How FMAudit Benefits You

Adaptive Supply Management (ASM) allows your MPS provider the opportunity to offer a customized program to control service and supply notifications. This system is developed by your MPS Provider to fit your specific business needs based on information delivered from FMAudit.

ASM gives your MPS partner the ability to offer just-in-time automatic toner replenishment to ensure that your toner emergencies are relieved. Perhaps the most important function of a remote monitoring program is the ability to ensure your information is synchronizing efficiently with the Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) of your provider. Unlike other systems available, FMAudit offers Bi-Directional communication, allowing the application to push and pull data from your MPS providers’ EPR systems.

This system was developed to relieve the effects of human error associated with meter reconciliations and overall program management.

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