HP DesignJet printers

What are you looking for in a printer? First and foremost, your business needs equipment that offers high-quality output. Whatever you’re printing, it has to look professional.

Upon further reflection, you may cite additional priorities, including speed, consistency, reliability, and efficiency. You want equipment that is easy to use, that offers modern solutions, and that is designed to increase productivity.

HP’s DesignJet series of large-format printers can accommodate your every need, whether your business requires little more than standard office printing with precision quality or you’re interested in vibrant, full-color, gallery-quality photo prints. You can choose the device that is best suited to the particular demands of your business and enjoy the print quality and speed HP is known for.

What about modern workflow solutions? HP’s DesignJet lineup has you covered with Mobile Printing software solutions and third-party alliances that help you to integrate all of your office devices. Mobile solutions ensure convenience and efficiency for workers. With the HP DesignJet series offered through TPM, you’ll find the perfect printer for your business.

Office Printers

Office Printers

HP DesignJet office printers are not your standard devices. They’re ideally suited to any business interested in large-format printing. With high-quality prints in color or black and white, as well as features like accurate print view and automatic media-roll alignment, your business will gain the simple functionality needed to boost productivity and professionalism. Wireless connectivity and integration with smartphones and tablets is the icing on the cake.

High-impact Graphics Printers

Every business has graphic printing needs, whether they’re creating event posters and presentation materials or producing in-store signage. HP high-impact graphic printers offer consistent color reliability and accuracy for large-format prints.

If you want sharp, vibrant graphics that leap from the page, high-impact graphic printers yield the vivid, eye-catching images that will produce a visceral reaction in viewers. Practical features like management software, scan functionality, and touchscreen controls round out the benefits of this HP printer lineup.

High-impact Graphic Printers
Production Printers

Production Printers

Deadlines are a daily reality in the business world, and you need a printer that can not only deliver consistent quality, but the speed required for on-time delivery. HP DesignJet production printers are prized for the capacity for quick turnaround for everything from simple CAD drawings to photo prints. Regardless of the complexity of images, production printers deliver consistent quality, large-format prints with industry-leading speed technology.

Professional photo-quality printers

For some businesses, print quality is a top priority. HP professional photo-quality printers fit the bill for large-format photo prints. There’s no room for error when it comes to enlarging photos if you want to achieve gallery-level images.

The devil is in the details and flaws are not an option. HP professional photo-quality printers deliver with a spectacular color gamut and accuracy, consistency, and uniformity even for high-gloss media.

Professional photo-quality printers

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TPM is proud to offer a range of HP printers that can take every job to the next level and meet any client’s particular needs. Your priorities will determine which HP DesignJet device best suits your business needs.

Let TPM guide you to the HP DesignJet printer that will deliver the quality, speed, and consistency required to meet your goals for productivity and your standards for excellence. Don’t hesitate to contact TPM today to find out how we can serve your every printing need.

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