Brand: AMT

Model: PostPro SF50

Dimensions (HxWxD): 33 x 55.5 x 72 in

Weight: 1,765 lbs

Asking Price: $57,850 OBO

AMT PostPro SF50

The AMT PostPro SF50 is a chemical vapor smoothing solution for post-processing thermoplastic 3D printed parts.  Vapor smoothing technology creates vapor-smoothed parts with a smooth surface finish and an injection-molded look and feel. Because the process is non-line-of-sight, the technology can smooth complex part surfaces and internal cavities without degrading mechanical performance or properties.

Key Features:

  • Safety Circuit: Front-mounted E-Stop button
  • User Interface (HMI): 1080p Full HD. 21.5” Touch Screen
  • Consumable Management: RFID canister recognition and foolproof connections
  • Small Footprint: Reduced footprint and working area requirements
  • Ergonomic Chamber Loading: Front loading process chamber for operator ease and comfort
  • User Access: RFID controlled user access
  • Easy Transport: Optional removable stabilizers for ease of movement and positioning during installation
  • Flexible Power Supply: Optional internal transformer to suit the majority of local power supplies*