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Which AEC collaboration solution is right for you?

Firms like yours are looking for smarter ways to manage data and streamline collaboration across your projects, no matter what design tool you use.

With rising project complexity and competitive markets, you need a solution that is flexible, connects your teams, data, and workflows, and delivers powerful insights. You need a solution that simply helps you deliver better projects, faster, and with greater profitability. Most of all, you need a solution that’s built for AEC – not an office cloud app that can’t process complex 3D files, or a server solution that requires VPN. That’s only going to slow you down.

But with BIM Collaborate Pro, you can take advantage of…

Anytime, anywhere collaboration in leading design tools Revit, Civil 3D, and AutoCAD Plant 3D. BIM Collaborate Pro lets you collaborate with internal teams and other companies, with easy web viewing, project timeline to track progress, and issue capture so you can ensure change requests are made.

Extensive file support, covering over 50 file types, including MS Office 365, RVT, C3D, DWG, IFC, and other Autodesk file types.

Improved efficiency because your workflows are powered in the cloud. This means faster sync times, easy remote collaboration, and regular improvements and upgrades — all of which deliver cost savings directly to your business.

Robust security. With eighteen levels of access permissions, you can ensure the right people are in the right document at the right time and avoid version conflict. Also, the cloud is proven as a safe place to store and access data — and the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform is designed using best-in-class practices. We take the responsibility of keeping your data secure seriously.

Enhanced resiliency. The integrity and availability of your data is vital to your business. At Autodesk, we’re committed to providing a stable network and sharing upcoming maintenance schedules to ensure you can access what you need whenever you need.

So how does BIM Collaborate Pro compare on cost?

In the short run, it may seem convenient to use an FTP site or cheaper to store project design files on a local server you may already be using. Or you might invest in expensive server applications, hoping to recoup cost over time.

The more time you’re not using the latest connected, flexible, and powerful cloud workflows, the more opportunities lost. Disconnected workflows cause friction when data needs to be moved, which all racks up hours of lost productivity.

BIM Collaborate Pro is the only Civil 3D, Revit, and Plant 3D cloud collaboration solution on the market that offers multidiscipline design coordination capabilities with multiple companies. With change visualization, issue and comment management, and mobile markups, BIM Collaborate Pro is a comprehensive solution for your teams, while also helping your client leverage design data across the project lifecycle.

It’s time to eliminate costly delays, maximize your talent pool, extend your reach, and reduce friction from disparate solutions. Only BIM Collaborate Pro is built for anytime, anywhere collaboration in Revit, Civil 3D, and Plant 3D.