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What’s New for SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022?



SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022 brings significant new capabilities for users and administrators alike with its 2022 improvements.

PDM includes advantageous features that manufacturing organizations leverage to manage their data. This fact remains true even before the updates included with the SOLIDWORKS 2022 edition. If you’re interested in reading about some of those features, we have previously covered PDM’s search function and file management security.

Nonetheless, SOLIDWORKS looks to enhance PDM even further with beneficial updates year after year. This year is no different, seeing SOLIDWORKS bring some significant changes that improve SOLIDWORKS users’ day-to-day file management.

Let’s explore the unique features and improvements that SOLIDWORKS PDM offers with its 2022 edition. Please note, unless specified within this article, these features are available in both SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard.


PDM User Enhancements


SOLIDWORKS PDM now allows users to open drawings from the SOLIDWORKS PDM add-in in SOLIDWORKS. Even if users create more than one drawing from a single model, PDM’s superlative reference management will find any associated drawings.

Previously, locating drawings with a different name than their reference model was a limitation of SOLIDWORKS. Now, users have the flexibility to name their drawing files anything they desire. Additionally, this capability does not require the files to be cached locally.

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022 Add-in Interface




SOLIDWORKS PDM’s Preview tab features full eDrawings viewer functionality. Users no longer need to open a SOLIDWORKS file separately to view file properties and assembly components with this enhancement.

The Preview tab is fantastic as it allows for a faster user workflow. It reduces the number of clicks it takes to get the information you need most. Further, the Preview tab minimizes the number of applications users need to view file properties.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Preview Tab interface


Search on PDM Categories

The wait has finally ended. The long-requested ability to search on SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Categories now exists as a new feature for SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022. Users will no longer need to hunt down necessary files manually. PDM’s categories search feature enhances a user’s ability to quickly find the files they seek.

The new SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022 Card Editor Search Function


EXALEAD® OnePart Integration

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional can now integrate with EXALEAD OnePart search, allowing users to search for and discover similarly-shaped parts. The PDM Explorer interface displays the search results, providing a seamless user experience.

Additionally, this integration gives users a familiar explorer interface while also remaining within their favorite software application.

SOLIDWORKS EXALEAD OnePart search interface - SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022


PDM Administrator Enhancements

Administration Tool UI Enhancements

SOLIDWORKS has increased the width available in the File Vault Tree panel. This redesign reduces the need to scroll back and forth to see information in the tree. PDM features expanded integration with Microsoft Windows Active Directory (AD).

Administrators can quickly create users with improved AD integration by importing information directly from AD. This feature saves administrators countless hours when setting up users on the system.


New SOLIDWORKS PDM Log Export Options

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022 will include additional PDM Log export options. These added options include saving to text, comma-separated, or JSON file formats. Using these formats allows users to view the log without using the Administration tool.

The new PDM log export options interface


Workflow Enhancements

SOLIDWORKS has made the “Set Variable” action the default selection in the Type list to improve a user’s workflow. Set Variable allows administrators to configure workflows more efficiently. The built-in system variable value “Filename without extension” is now available for the Set Variable transition action. This system variable will enable you to update a Number variable value with the file’s name.

The new SOLIDWORKS PDM Workflow "Set Variable" option

Additionally, there is a new system variable in SOLIDWORKS PDM, “_SW_Detailing_Mode.” This system variable gives you the option to prevent SOLIDWORKS drawings from transitioning if they have not been rebuilt and contain incorrect information.


A new PDM built-in system variable


Data Card Editor

You can now resize an Image control in the card editor. No more trial and error is required to determine the desired image size. Administrators can drag the image’s control handles to resize an image in the SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022 update.

Additionally, you can lock the aspect ratio of an image by selecting “Lock aspect ratio” in the “Image properties” pane. Being able to lock the aspect ratio of an image prevents the image from stretching or skewing.


Administrative Image

You can now include a SOLIDWORKS PDM view setup file in the admin image. This feature eliminates the extra effort needed to help a user create a vault view after installation.

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022 Set-Up Vault View Interface


Want to learn more about SOLIDWORKS PDM? Are you interested in taking advantage of these new capabilities? Contact us today.