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SOLIDWORKS Home Use License Policy Change

Home Use License Policy Change

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Recently, Solidworks has announced a change in the Home Use License policy.

A Home Use License, or HUL, is a standalone license that allows customers with SOLIDWORKS Network licenses to install and run SOLIDWORKS on machines that are outside a company network for work related purposes, training or personal education.

HUL licenses are one of the many mechanisms we provided to our users for home usage. They were not intended for machines that are generally connected to the office network and were introduced when internet access, virtual private networks (VPN) and mobile workstation were not widely available.

As a result, Dassault Systèmes has decided to phase out HUL licenses:

  • Effective May 1st, 2019 SOLIDWORKS will not issue any new Home Use Licenses.
  • Starting October 4th, 2019 existing Home Use Licenses will be phased out.

So, if you are a user of an HUL license, what are your options?  Below is a list of some of the most common choices for a customer to use in place of a HUL.

  • Connect to the company network using VPN.
  • Borrow a SNL license – when using a laptop.
  • Convert a SNL license to Standalone license.
  • Buy additional Standalone licenses (Perpetual or Term) and leverage Online Licensing, if needed.
  • Fill out an exception form.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why now?

Answer: due to a drop in the use of HULs, SOLIDWORKS is diverging resources towards other customer centered initiatives, such as Online Licensing.

  1. Are we not paying for them? Why are they being taken away?

Answer: HULs are a courtesy installation, not part of the initial purchase.

  1. What about users who work from home and never come into the office?

Answer: the HULs were never intended for full-time offsite usage. These users should have a Stand Alone license.

  1. How do I get VPN?

Answer: each company’s IT department has a solution for VPN.

  1. How do I borrow a license or convert a Network License to Stand Alone?

Our support group is glad to help with this topic. Email support@tpm.com.

Here is a link for How to borrow: How to Borrow A SOLIDWORKS License

  1. How do move between machines, when using a Stand Alone license?

Answer: User either Transfer License or Online Licensing. Links below:

Online Licensing

Transfer Licensing Between Machines