Breathe New Life into Your Printing: Upgrade to Markforged X7 and Save $15,000!

Is your old 3D printer gathering dust, wasting away, and begging for a new purpose?

Trade in your forgotten printer, regardless of make or model, and redefine your additive manufacturing with a $15,000 discount on the cutting-edge Markforged X7 with a 1-year Digital Forge subscription through September 30, 2023*.

Let’s give your old printer the farewell it deserves and unlock the door to a new world of possibilities!

Markforged X7

The Markforged X7 is the turnkey industrial carbon fiber 3D printer for many types of functional parts. The X7 carbon fiber 3D printer enables engineers and designers to improve manufacturing and operations at light speed.

Digital Forge

Meet the world’s most reliable and easy-to-use additive manufacturing platform. The Digital Forge makes it simple to create strong parts anywhere and anytime, so manufacturers can keep the line running and produce right on the factory floor.

*offer expires September 30, 2023

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