Kodak Document Scanners

Every business has scanning needs particular to their industry and their specific operations. You want a company you can trust to provide reliable, flexible, high-quality solutions.

Kodak is not only a name you can trust, but their lineup of document scanning devices covers a range of needs, from small, portable devices for individual employees; to network scanners that save to any number of devices on your network; to machines that can handle heavy volume quickly and easily and integrate with your preferred document management solutions.


Small offices differ significantly from larger competitors, and they need targeted solutions. The Kodak SCANMATE series (i940 through i2900) offers the perfect products for low-volume operations that need small, fast, and affordable scanning equipment.

KODAK Scan Station

Scan Station (710, 730EX) devices are also useful in both small business and larger corporate settings. These devices are designed for versatility – they’re capable of scanning documents and sending files not only to computers, but also network folders, FTP sites, printers, faxes, email, apps, and flash drives.

KODAK i3000 Series

If a heavier workload is weighing you down, the many devices in the i3000, i4000, and i5000 lineup of scanners is just your speed thanks to high-speed, high-volume function that focuses on productivity and integration with document management solutions.

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KODAK is there for you.

Whether you run a small local business, an active law firm, a high-volume insurance claims department, or any other type of business, scanning documents may be a daily occurrence and an integral part of your operations. You need reliable devices that deliver convenience, efficiency, and versatility.

With flexible, speedy, and integrated solutions to choose from, Kodak has the equipment every business needs to succeed. TPM is proud to partner with this esteemed brand to offer you an array of document scanning devices. Contact us today to explore your options.