SOLIDWORKS 3D Experience

Have you ever wished you could get input on designs from all your team members on an ongoing basis, even those without CAD knowledge? While it can be hard to coordinate everyone’s schedules and get all the input required in a short meeting, a virtual collaborative environment that any team member can join at any time from their mobile device is convenient and effective. That is just what SOLIDWORKS 3D Experience software collection brings. With this software, you get a powerful modeling environment that allows for quickly creating concepts which are saved for any time in the future, collaboration with whomever you choose, and instinctive design with intuitive tools that enable structureless modeling and direct editing. With these solutions, your team can collaborate and design whenever inspiration strikes. Learn more about each of the SOLIDWORKS 3D Experience software solutions offered by TPM.


SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer

The Conceptual Designer software is a concept design tool which lets you create designs quickly, manipulate them, and modify them for mechanical components. The flexible and intuitive framework allows for testing and fine tuning. When a design is ready for feedback, you can collaborate with others you invite and multiple concepts can be managed. This software complements SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software in that you can transfer validated concepts to 3D CAD to complete detailed designs and documentation. Some designer capabilities include mechanism synthesis, deformable 3D geometry, and sketch motion.

SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer

The Industrial Designer concept design tool is made for designing multiple concepts based on a design brief. You can create designs quickly, manipulate them, and modify them using imported and native geometry. Featuring subdivision surface modeling and parametric modeling, design becomes flexible and instinctive. Designer capabilities include freehand sketching, realistic rendering, simplified design evolution, and more. You can also collaborate with others on the design to receive feedback and input. When a design has been validated, it can be passed on to SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD for more detailed designs and documentation.  

Platform Contributor for SOLIDWORKS

The Platform Contributor for SOLIDWORKS provides a flexible, collaborative environment for developing designs which can bring together design teams, stakeholders, suppliers, and customers. Powered by Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE®, it provides a community-based environment for exchanging ideas and communication. Platform Contributor also allows for a transparent management of data. Communicate, collaborate, and complete projects more efficiently while also keeping your information safe with access control, encrypted communication protocols, and backup and data recovery procedures.

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Make working together easy.

SOLIDWORKS brings an industry leading software solution to engineers, architects, and construction professionals with these 3D Experience solutions. New possibilities for designing faster, more efficiently, and more cost effectively have opened up. Now you can design in a safe environment and any person you want can join in on the process, right from their own mobile device. Whether it is a customer who wants an update, a project stakeholder who wants to provide feedback, or another project team member who is collaborating, working together is easy.

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