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Saving Paper Using Bluebeam for Project Handover

Project handover to some in the construction industry means delivering of drawings, and other documentation to the project owner upon completion. Bluebeam can reduce the massive amount of paper with the digitization of the O&M manuals. The other benefit to digitizing documentation is the fact that it will make for simpler access for the parties who may need it in the future.

A few of the Bluebeam tools that can assist in the digitization are:

  1. Hyperlinking - This allows the ability to add hyperlinks to websites, maintenance schedules, and even specific locations within the PDF document be it pages or snapshots.
    1. This helps to reduce time that is usually spent trying to locate manufacturer's warranties, etc.
  2. Forms Creation - Utilizing Bluebeam eXtreme's Form Creation Tool is another helps as well in diminishing paperwork. From RFI's to contract, they all can be updated with the touch of a button, filled out and even signed utilizing the Digital Signature Tool within Bluebeam.
    1. The Form Creation Tool has an option to automatically create a form from any document (preferably PDF or Word), or there is a vast array of tools to customize any document into the form of your choosing.
  3. Digital Dashboards - Combining hyperlinking with additional tools to create a easy to use graphic navigation of the documentation contained inside. Again, reducing the amount of time it would take to locate necessary document to the click of a button. Learn more about digital dashboards here.

As you may know, Bluebeam has an array of tools to assist from beginning to key turnover and beyond in the Construction process.