A Quick Look at Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)

Are you familiar with Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)? Maybe you are, but you may lack understanding of how to utilize it or why it might be necessary. In this blog, I will cover what GD&T is, how it can help you develop a consistent part measurement process and the importance of datums in GD&T for engineers and designers. Please note that this blog is brief and will not explain everything related to GD&T; we would need more space than this page contains to explain everything about GD&T. Still, it is the first of a series of blogs that will […]

SOLIDWORKS Manage: Enhance Your Manufacturing Data Management

Keeping information up-to-date and managing data flow throughout the production chain is one of the biggest challenges for manufacturing businesses and teams of all sizes. Often narrowly focused, traditional data management practices can lead to extra data entry, errors, and mismatched information. SOLIDWORKS Manage addresses these issues and more. Manage provides increased visibility to all stakeholders and valuable insights when managing projects and processes. With dashboards for analytics and resource management, users get a complete insight into associated data with a project. With a direct connection to engineering data, the benefits of SOLIDWORKS Manage are endless.   What is SOLIDWORKS […]

BIM Document Management: Why You Should Outsource It

Many design firms struggle to find processes that can help increase their production and design. Setting standards, methods, organized content, and documented procedures in place is the most effective way to increase your production and design output. Without established procedures, your team may find themselves disrupting each other to locate, learn, or recreate content; this leads to a large amount of wasted time and energy. Once implemented within your company, best practice standards and policies positively impact your team’s productivity by reducing needless tasks. Outsourcing BIM document management and establishing standards will allow your company to improve designs, deliver more […]

5 Reasons to Assess Your AEC or Manufacturing Business

We know growing businesses are often overwhelmed with active projects and deadlines, making it challenging to dedicate time to important things to grow your business. Trust us; we’ve been there too. Our solutions consultants have been in the architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries and dealt with these same challenges. Let’s face it, in today’s climate; we are all forced to find ways to do more with less. Because of TPM’s industry knowledge and field experience, we understand that you have goals to improve designs, deliver more work, and win more business. You may be asking yourself – where do […]