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Your Questions, Answered: Autodesk’s Three New AEC Cloud Offerings for BIM

  During their announcement at Autodesk University 2020, Autodesk revealed that they would be releasing three new cloud offerings this year for AEC design workflows. These new offerings will be on Autodesk’s unified platform for the AEC industry. The updates include: Autodesk Docs Autodesk will include a centralized document management solution on Autodesk Construction Cloud in the AEC Collection this year. Autodesk BIM Collaborate Autodesk’s new offering for non-authoring team members will be released this year. It will help project stakeholders follow real-time design progress and annotate design clashes. BIM 360 Design will be renamed Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro Along […]

Autodesk Software: Assigning Licenses and Accessing Products

  Whether you are an existing standalone seat holder adding to your seat count or a former multi-user account holder switching to standalone, this article will be helpful to you. We’re going to give away the bank on what now seems like an age-old and common support request of “how do I add a user and provide a seat of the software to a new standalone user?.” This process is twofold so listen up. On the account management side of the house: The contract manager (now known as primary admin) or software coordinator (now secondary admin) will need to have […]
Bluebeam Revu on a Construction Site - Project Handover

Saving Paper Using Bluebeam for Project Handover

Project management and having an efficient project lifecycle can be somewhat challenging. The challenge is especially true while involving all project stakeholders with mountains of paperwork. The amount of project documentation, details, and scope comes with various printed materials. These printed materials, or traditionally published, make up a project’s handover documentation.   What is Project Handover? Project handover is a process of delivering project documents to the project owner or other points of contact upon completion. Traditionally, the delivery of a project’s handover documentation involved physical paperwork. However, the advances in technology allow for digital delivery of this documentation. Having […]

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