3D Laser Scanning Applications and Use Cases

Three-dimensional (3D) laser scanning technology is rapidly gaining popularity in various industries due to its ability to capture highly detailed and accurate data of physical objects and environments. TPM’s 3D laser scanning team uses 3D laser scan point clouds to convert your building, site, or product into 3D data to be used for as-built information, reverse engineering, clash detection, and much more. With TPM, you can outsource 3D laser scanning services in order to avoid the capital investment involved in an upfront purchase. In this blog post, we will explore some of the applications and use cases of 3D laser […]
Press Release - TPM

TPM Announces Launch of 3D Laser Scanning Business

Greenville, SC April 26, 2021 – TPM, Inc., a leading technology solutions provider focused on Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing, announces the launch of a 3D Laser Scanning Business with key partnerships and new services offerings. TPM, Inc. has entered into a strategic partnership with Leica Geosystems and Synnex to bring the most advanced 3D laser scanning equipment and software to market. Leica’s technology boasts the most extended range, fastest scan time, and having the highest quality 3D data in the space. TPM will leverage its robust sales organization to bring this technology to customers across the Southeast Region. TPM, […]

Scan to BIM: Improve Your Construction Projects

Scan to BIM has become an integral part of capturing existing conditions for BIM projects. Creating an accurate 3D model allows confidence in your design. A precise model saves time and gives you peace of mind knowing that fabricating modules offsite based on your models will fit when installed. Today’s article will discuss the various steps in the reality capture and model creation process. The model accurately represents the existing conditions; you will sometimes hear the model referred to as a digital twin because of this. We will also examine some of the many uses of the reality capture process […]