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Time is money. The old adage seems to apply more and more in the fast-paced, modern work environment. Your business needs technologies that are going to shoulder some of the burden, allowing employees more time to focus on the tasks for which they were truly hired.

You can’t make more hours in a day, but you can use the time you have wisely. The HP PageWide XL family of printers offered through TPM was designed with your time in mind, and these devices outstrip even the fastest comparable LED printers on the market.

With wide-format printing options to accommodate everything from promotional posters to GIS maps and more, you’ll not only enjoy speedy turnaround, but also the formatting options to tackle a wide variety of printing projects in-house. At TPM, we pride ourselves on delivering the solutions that will increase convenience and efficiency for every client. The HP PageWide series of devices allows us to accommodate your every need.

If you like the sound of a single device that delivers multifunctional features, saving time, space, and money, HP PageWide products provide the solutions you seek. The fact that you’ll also enjoy top-quality prints at incredible speeds is nothing less than what you deserve.

Pagewide XL 8000 Series

HP PageWide XL 8000 Printer Series

If you feel the need for speed when it comes to printing jobs, the HP PageWide XL 8000 series is second to none. Prepare to print in half the time and reduce the need for operator attention when you upgrade to the 8000 series. If you want to cut costs and increase efficiency even as you enjoy high-quality, detailed prints, the speed and accuracy offered by the HP PageWide XL 8000 is exactly what you need.

Pagewide XL 5000 Series

HP PageWide XL 5000 Printer Series

Busy workers don’t have time to fuss with a complicated printer and jump from one piece of equipment to the next to get a job done. The HP PageWide XL 5000 series delivers multifunctional devices that require less operator attention to complete tasks. They also save space and lower energy costs while delivering large-format prints that rival LED printers in quality. Don’t forget speedy printing services that put competitors to shame.

Pagewide XL 4500/4000 Series

HP PageWide XL 4000 Printer Series

The HP PageWide XL 4000 printer series has everything you might expect, including monochromatic and color printing capabilities, as well as features for scanning and copying. What will surprise you is the speed with which you can manage and produce any project. Increased productivity is practically a given when you select the PageWide XL 4000, and high-quality, durable prints are par for the course.

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Proud HP Partners

There are many options for large-format printers, but only the HP PageWide XL series offers the high-speed technology that blows competitors out of the water. TPM is proud to partner with Hewlett-Packard to provide the most cutting-edge printing technologies on the market.

We understand that your time is valuable and we don’t want to waste a second. Contact TPM now. We’ll hook you up with the HP PageWide XL printer that delivers the quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness your operation needs to excel and make the most of every business hour.

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