Customer Relationships

Offering big company resources with a small company feel—that summarizes the work TPM does for its customers. We pour our skills and resources into providing solutions for more than 3,500 customers annually. We work with companies of all sizes, providing them with the latest AEC software and technology while also delivering an extremely high-end customer experience through training courses, workshops and individualized service.

Customer relationships are truly at the heart of TPM’s work, and our customers are more satisfied and successful for it. Read two success stories from customers who reaped the benefits of TPM’s full-service offerings:

  • TPM has always provided exceptional service, so we have never had a reason to look elsewhere.
    Josh Christopher
    Product Engineering Team Leader at Champion Aerospace, LLC
  • What separates TPM is the support they provide. I know I can call upon, and rely on them to get back to me right away. We've had other vendors in the past who were all about what they could sell-sell-sell us in stead of helping us succeed. TPM is always checking on us, offering support and making sure we are getting the most out of what we bought. I've recommended TPM because of our great relationship. They want to work with their customers to help them grow and be successful -- and in turn, do more business with them.
    Gregory Scott
    Drafting Manager at Wabtec Passenger Transit
  • TPM was able to customize [our new] system to our needs [and] went above and beyond during the process. Any hiccup along the way was quickly addressed. I wish we had done this years ago.
    Carrie Buchanan
    CFO at Centennial American Properties, LLC
  • When we needed something, TPM was always there and our trust in their organization and team will certainly keep us coming back to them to support growth and continued learning.
    DJ Doherty
    Part Owner of Mavin Construction

Your Long-term Success

As a family-owned business for two generations, we treat our customers like part of that family. We believe in making wise long-term decisions for our customers as a family should. The way we see it, treating customers, employees, partners, peers and the community like members of the TPM family means focusing on their long-term success rather than short-term gain.