Laser Scanning

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Are you interested in utilizing 3D laser scan point clouds and laser scanning in your design process, but you’re not sure how to do so effectively? Do you lack existing design data, and you’re looking for a better way to capture existing conditions and as-builts?

Are you looking to find outsourced 3D laser scanning services in order to avoid the capital investment involved in an upfront purchase?

FARO 3D Scanners

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TPM is here to help.

We’ve been working with 3D laser scan point clouds from various technologies for years. Our team of Application Engineers understands data-capture workflows, as well as the workflows to bring scan files into usable format inside of our standout software solutions like Autodesk and SOLIDWORKS.

We’re also available for outsourced laser scan and reverse engineering services for all of your needs.

Learn more about utilizing 3D laser scan point clouds in your design process or get started saving money by outsourcing these services by contacting us at any time.