Netfabb Accelerates Accurate Results

Additive manufacturing comes with its own set of unique challenges. Those in the industry know that the common practice of working with models from a variety of CAD systems often results in spending too much time preparing files and adjusting models for additive manufacture. Autodesk Netfabb solves these challenges and others.

Designed specifically for additive manufacturing and design, Netfabb streamlines the process of converting 3D models to 3D printed parts and transforms challenges into efficient performance. Netfabb’s fast and accurate simulation removes the costly trial-and-error approach from projects by predicting weaknesses and deformations in designs before they’re carried out. TPM offers Netfabb in three levels – Standard, Premium and Ultimate.

Netfabb Standard offers a streamlined process for:

  • Importing files from leading CAD software
  • Preparing and modifying files for additive manufacturing
  • Automating the analysis and file repair process

Netfabb Premium includes the benefits of Netfabb Standard, plus:

  • Fully configurable build supports
  • Solid modeling tools for near net shape planning
  • 3D metal printing process simulation

Netfabb Ultimate builds on the offerings of Standard and Premium with these added features:

  • Full topology optimization capabilities

  • Additive manufacturing design optimizations

  • Simulation workflows that are process specific

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Proven Efficacy, Efficiency and Excellence

Netfabb’s exceptional performance is evidence of its value. By streamlining processes and identifying potential errors early on, Netfabb effectively accelerates project speeds and reduces costs.

As the first Autodesk partner in North America to launch Netfabb, TPM continues to demonstrate its commitment to offering the highest level of additive manufacturing software products to our clients.

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