As the first CAM solution to offer true knowledge-based machining capabilities, CAMWorks leads the way in advancements in Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) and Interactive Feature Recognition (IFR). CAMWorks offers true associative machining – automatically accommodating changes to the part model. This means that any modifications made to the design are automatically updated in the CAM data, which eliminates time consuming CAM system rework due to design alterations.

CAMWorks is an intuitive, feature-based CAM software that helps to increase productivity using best-in-class technologies and adaptable automation tools to maximize CNC machining efficiency.

Major Benefits

  • Uses feature-based machining, machinable part features are recognized automatically, virtually eliminating repetitive programming tasks
  • Captures and stores your best practices so that you are able to later utilize this as a knowledge-base for easier programming
  • CAMWorks tool paths are associative and update automatically to design changes
  • Fully Integrated CAM Software
  • Feature Based Manufacturing
  • Automated Programming
  • Knowledge Based Machining

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Seamlessly integrated inside SOLIDWORKS.

Interested in what the CAMWorks in SOLIDWORKS can do for your operations? With the seamless integration and full associativity as the toolpaths auto-update when the model changes, this tool is sure to help you streamline your workflow and improve the precision of your final products. Call the professionals at TPM today to learn about our competitive bundle price.

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