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In our aim to deliver complete engineering solutions, we have partnered with a number of best-in-class organizations. In doing so, we provide additional functionality to the manufacturing design process which can help you bring innovative, quality products to market more efficiently and cost effectively.

Uncover the following range of tools and applications that will help you extend the power and utility of your engineering solutions.


DriveWorks Xpress provides entry-level Design Automation inside the world-leading SOLIDWORKS  3D CAD design software. Our free DriveWorks product is fully embedded and included in every license of SOLIDWORKS. You’ll find it already installed and waiting for you to use under the SOLIDWORKS Tools menu.


With eDrawings Viewer, you can generate accurate representations of 2D and 3D product designs that anyone can view, mark up, and measure. Furthermore, you can create review-enabled eDrawings files that allow mark-up by an unlimited number of recipients as well as the posting of feedback on product designs. Trusted by engineers and architects worldwide, this easy-to-use, email-enabled software lets you collaborate from anywhere.


SolidCAM is the only CAM system that automatically provides you with optimal cutting conditions which actually work “first cut” on your machine, with your tool, on your material.


Companies using CAD, CAM or BIM software are continually challenged with keeping up to speed with new software capabilities, ongoing updates, and annual product improvements. SolidProfessor Enterprise is an easy-to-manage online education platform that provides managers with a proven method to continually improve their teams software sales.

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Whether your company is concerned with design automation or the ability for remote team members to collaborate, TPM has the solution to meet your needs. Furthermore, we can help companies who need optimal cutting conditions from the first cut, or those wanting an educational platform to keep their teams up to date with the latest updates in the industry. With the combination of TPM and our partner products, you have an end-to-end solution.

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