Take Control of Your Printer with Rules-Based Printing

As part of our drive to do more and print less, using cutting-edge technology for scanning and distributing data, one of the services we offer is Rules-Based Printing. 

What Does TPM’s Rules-Based Printing Solution Offer?

Our Rules-Based Printing Solutions allow your business to reduce costs by configuring unique parameters when printing. These parameters can help to avoid unwanted or accidental color printing, and will remind users to select the two-sided printing option for large printing jobs.

Device Rationalization also helps users to print to the most cost-effective device possible by only releasing jobs at a particular printer. This reduces unnecessary prints that are never picked up. Furthermore, accounting features inform you of printing costs attributed to certain clients, projects, individual employees, or departments, allowing you to keep track of accounts and to track employees’ printing expenditures. Read on to learn more about TPM’s solutions.

Do More. Print Less.


Uniflow allows you to preview a print job before printing, change finishing options (such as adding hole punching and stapling) and secure sensitive documents. It also allows you to use a universal driver for printing to all printers and MFPs on your network.


Sepialine is a service that aims to cut down on waste, keep information private and secure, and fetch documents from anywhere. Unclaimed and uncollected print jobs often account for a lot of waste, so with Sepialine print jobs are held until someone claims and releases them at the Multi-Function Printer, meaning that each document is truly wanted. This solution also keeps documents private, ensuring that only the person with the passcode will be able to print them.

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Benefits of Rule-Based Printing

Other than reducing waste and cutting costs, users no longer have to waste time sharing a printer and waiting on large jobs to be finished. Documents can be printed on demand, without delay, by sending the print job to any available multifunctional device within your organization. Furthermore, you can increase security to only print documents when specific passwords are entered, which allows you prevent sensitive documents from being seen by other employees in the vicinity of the printer (i.e. HR documents, paychecks, etc.).

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Why Choose TPM?

We focus on cultivating life-long partnerships with our customers based on our motto of “Do More, Print Less.” By offering tailored solutions from our wide array of hardware and software products, we chart strategies for our customers with the goal of reducing costs, increasing productivity, and improving security in regard to printing and all aspects of Document Management. By providing best-in-class solutions to match your unique needs, we are driven to provide maximum satisfaction.

Rules-based Printing Solutions is the way to go when it comes to reducing waste and increasing productivity. Experience the TPM difference today. And if you use TPM for more than one service, we can consolidate all of your contracts so you’ll only have to deal with one contract from one vendor, and will only have to write one check for one invoice. To learn more about our full suite of Document and Print Solutions, give us a call at (800) 922-1145 or contact us online at any time.

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