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If you had to access a document from 4 months or even 4 years ago, could anyone in your company put their hands on it in less than a minute? If the answer is no, you are not alone. However, it is possible to implement software to help you become more organized, which will help increase productivity and cut costs. TPM offers the opportunity to digitize and streamline your document archival, accounting, and HR workflows – all while you save time and money.

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DocuWare is a powerful platform that anticipates and responds to your company’s preferences and priorities. You’ll achieve greater information-processing efficiency and productivity with the core DocuWare software, the most advanced office tool of its kind. Documents, both physical and electronic, are sent to digital folders that mirror the inbox on your desk. DocuWare is powered by an indexing feature that automatically ensures all types of documents are filed correctly.

Document Management

Square 9 SmartSearch

SmartSearch is an Enterprise Content Management suite that organizations of all sizes use to manage their documents electronically, driving efficiency and productivity into their business processes. Offered in a workgroup or enterprise configuration, SmartSearch is an affordable solution that can scale easily from the small business community to the Fortune 500.

It is used extensively by many paper-intensive businesses to bring greater efficiencies to their business processes.

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Think of how much space you could open up by digitizing all of your documents. Goodbye file cabinets and hello optimization! Furthermore, your employees, clients, and business partners will also benefit from efficiency improvement within your operations. If you’re ready to implement a truly smart search for your documents, call on our experts at TPM today.

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