TPM Customer Success Plans

Rolling out new technology and initiatives in a business can be a risky venture and classroom training can only get a customer so far. With labor being the number one cost in our customers’ businesses, excess staffing, lower levels of employee efficiency, and partial utilization of technology can lead to increased cost and lower levels of profitability.

TPM’s Customer Success Plans go beyond basic training by delivering a scalable service to take customers through, not only the initial implementation of technology, but through overall adoption across their organization. Through maximizing the return on investment in technology, TPM looks to Reduce Risk, Reduce Cost, and Increase Profitability for each of our customer’s organizations.


  • Unlimited Technical Support via telephone/email/web
  • Unlimited remote screen sharing and remote diagnostics
  • TPM’s Exclusive Online Customer Portal



  • Basic Support Plus:
  • TPM’s Priority Support Service
  • Annual Business Process Review

  • 4 Technology Adoption Service Hours


  • Basic Support Plus:
  • TPM’s Priority Support Service
  • Annual Business Process Review

  • 5% Discount on Additional Training/Services*
  • 8 Technology Adoption Service Hours


  • Basic Support Plus:
  • TPM’s Priority Support Service
  • Annual Business Process Review

  • Quarterly Customer Health Checks
  • Dedicated Customer Success Engineer
  • 10% Discount on Additional Training/Services*
  • 20 Technology Adoption Service Hours

Explanation of Benefits Included

  • Unlimited Technical Support via Telephone/Email/Web: Includes unlimited remote technical support for software products offered by TPM,  delivered by a team of certified TPM Application Engineers.  Support hours are 8:30 – 5:30, Monday – Friday.  Support can be contacted via telephone at 1-888-313-1688, email at or via the web at
  • Unlimited Remote Screen Sharing and Remote Diagnostics: In addition to support over the phone, TPM utilizes the latest in web based technology to view customers screens and capture diagnostic information which aids in troubleshooting technical issues.
  • TPM’s Exclusive Online Customer Portal: TPM offers a dedicated customer portal which allows visibility into software contracts, support tickets and even accounting information.
  • TPM’s Priority Support Service: Priority Support customers will receive accelerated response times to their support tickets.
  • Annual Business Process Discovery: The Discovery is an opportunity to discuss a customers software utilization and to gain an understanding of goals, pain points, and ultimately create a path of success. A set of recommendations is products after the discovery which outlines potential areas for deeper analysis.
  • Quarterly Customer Health Checks: Scheduled meetings will be held each Quarter to review ongoing customer progress, address any specific needs, and ensure that overall adoption levels are maximized.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Engineer: For customers on Gold or Enterprise plans, TPM will assign a dedicated Customer Success Engineer to ensure consistency in communication for support and to provide a resource who is focused on the overall customer adoption success.
  • Discounts on Additional Training/Services*: Discounts can be used on any additional training classes or consulting services not included in their support contract. Travel expenses outside of 30 miles of a TPM location are not included in consulting services.
  • Technology Adoption Service Hours**: Adoption hours can be used for consulting around supported software that falls outside of technical support and training.  Onsite hours must be used in 4 hour blocks of time and travel costs may be incurred if more than 30 miles away from a TPM office.  Unused hours expire at the end of 12 months if unused.
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