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SOLIDWORKS for Designers & Engineers

No matter what you are creating, designers and engineers need the best tools and 3D design software. Develop and confidently bring your next big product to market, knowing you use best-in-industry tools.

Cloud-Connected CAD

Use cloud-connected solutions to bridge the gap between desktop design data and secure cloud data storage. With the power of 3DEXPERIENCE Works, you can connect with your team and stakeholders from anywhere using the SOLIDWORKS you know and love.

  • 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS combines intuitive, robust SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform
  • Connect your desktop 3D CAD to the cloud with Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS
  • Design with SOLIDWORKS, then securely save your data to the cloud and access it from any web browser.
  • Collaborate in real-time with every part of your business, including customers, partners, and more

A man using the 3DEXPERIENCE Works SOLIDWORKS cloud platform on a computer
Woman using the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE Works 3D CAD solution on a tablet

Cloud-Based 3D CAD Solutions

Connect and design from anywhere remotely with powerful browser-based design tools in the 3DEXPERIENCE Works cloud environment. With the ability to securely share data and designs with your team from anywhere, 3DEXPERIENCE Works allows users to:

  • Select design tools they need for their designs and engineering toolbox
  • Develop and share mechanical, organic, or complex designs efficiently through the cloud
  • Get and provide feedback and design reviews in real-time for your product designs
  • Access design features and data


As the most utilized, user experience-friendly 3D CAD solution on the market, SOLIDWORKS has been helping designers and manufacturers for over 25 years. Conceptualize, create, validate, collaborate, manage, and more with the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Desktop solution. Get ready to transform your innovative ideas into great product designs.

With desktop, users can:

  • Create and develop accurate designs that include 3D models and 2D drawings, even for the most complicated parts and assemblies
  • Keep production costs in check with cost estimation tools and manufacturability checks
  • Collaborate with team members from product design and development through to production with standardized data management tools
  • Produce a product that works and functions every time with integrated motion and stress analysis tools

Man using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Desktop on a computer
Man using DraftSight Premium to markup design files on a computer

Create Markups With Ease Using DraftSight

DraftSight is a powerful CAD solution that allows you to create, edit, view, and markup DWG files quickly and easily. You can also enhance design and document management collaboration by connecting to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

  • Easily transition from AutoCAD or similar CAD applications with familiarity and compatibility.
  • Increase ROI without sacrificing quality or productivity
  • Choose from a broad portfolio with a choice of feature sets and licensing
  • Seamlessly utilize legacy drawings and data, all at a fraction of the price

Electrical Design Solutions

SOLIDWORKS Electrical solutions simplify electrical schematic design. With specific electrical tools and intuitive interfaces, embedded electrical system design and control panels are faster than ever.

  • Integrate your electrical schematics into 3D models easily
  • Minimize repetitive tasks associated with developing electrical schematics
  • Leverage a common database for ECAD and MCAD, ensuring consistency when creating documentation
  • Access an extensive electrical component and symbol library of industry-standard schematic symbols

Electrical panel designed with SOLIDWORKS Electrical