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SOLIDWORKS Manage: Encompassing the Design Lifecycle

SOLIDWORKS Manage: Encompassing the Design Lifecycle

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Release Your Creativity with xShape and SOLIDWORKS

xShape is an application within the 3DSculptor Role on the 3DExperince Platform. xShape is an exciting cloud-based subdivision modeling tool that runs on a browser. The application allows users to generate freeform shapes in 3D using a workflow that feels more like sculpting than CAD modeling. Users can then import the model into SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and add additional features to complete the design for manufacturing. Suppose a change is required to the organic shape. In that case, the changes can be made within xShape and reloaded into SOLIDWORKS easily. xShape compliments SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and offers an alternative to […]
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The True Impact of SOLIDWORKS Simulation

What is the true impact of SOLIDWORKS Simulation? My response? What if I could see into the future and prevent a costly design decision? Or mistake somewhere in the design process? Would I take action based on that insight? Of course, I would. And many of you probably would, too. So what if you had a tool that could effectively do that? I want to discuss three key points around the impact that SOLIDWORKS Simulation has on businesses: What Is the Business Case for SOLIDWORKS Simulation? What Is Finite Element Analysis (FEA)? How Does SOLIDWORKS Simulation Impact Your Business? What […]

Comparing Plastics Injection Molding Simulation Results to Real-world Molded Parts

Summary Producing high-quality, plastic injection-molded parts more quickly and cost-effectively than the competition has become a critical factor for manufacturing success in today’s global market. Instead of engaging in slow, expensive prototype iterations and test cycles to satisfy manufacturing requirements, designers, moldmakers, and manufacturing professionals can leverage SOLIDWORKS® Plastics mold-filling simulation software to optimize parts for manufacturability, refine tooling to improve quality, and shorten cycle times to reduce manufacturing costs. Whether you design parts, create molds, or manage injection-molded production, SOLIDWORKS Plastics solutions will help you resolve your injection-molding challenges in software—rather than through costly, time-consuming prototyping iterations—so you can […]