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SOLIDWORKS xShape: Unlock Your Creativity

SOLIDWORKS PDM on the Cloud Webinar


TPM TSC Warren McCray details an average workflow with SOLIDWORKS PDM on the cloud.

SOLIDWORKS PDM: Solving File Organization Challenges with a Quick and Easy Solution

Are you fed up with the lack of organization with your CAD files and engineering documents? You are not alone in feeling this way. Many customers have struggled with this feeling until they discovered the many advantages that come with SOLIDWORKS PDM and how it can streamline your document organization. Unlike locally based storage systems that you may be using, SOLIDWORKS PDM integrates with Windows File Explorer but has enhanced security, allows for file backup, has an automation process to remove all the manual labor from editing, approving, and arranging your files – allowing you to spend more time doing […]

Design Better Industrial Equipment With Next-Generation Simulation Tools

The world of industrial equipment design and design validation is evolving very rapidly. Companies like yours are challenged to minimize operation and usage costs and exploit emerging markets and stay ahead of the competition. With mass production and customization added to the mix, predicting your design’s performance before building anything live has never been more critical. In this virtual webinar cosponsored by TPM and DS SOLIDWORKS, you will understand trends driving successful industrial equipment design and an in-depth look at the next generation Simulation tools driven by the power of the ABAQUS solver and the cloud working together. We will […]