Major Challenges of 3D Printing and How to Overcome Them 

Despite its many advantages, 3D printing still presents major challenges for users. Material selection is often a difficult task because it can be hard to find the right type of material for a particular project. Additionally, 3D printing speeds can be slow, and accuracy can suffer depending on the quality of the printer used. Choosing the right materials based on their properties and strengths, investing in higher-quality printers, and taking advantage of advanced software tools will all help ensure successful 3D printing projects. In this article, we will explore four major challenges of 3D printing and provide actionable advice on […]
Leveraging the Gaming Generation's Skills for BIM Technology

Leveraging the Gaming Generation’s Skills for BIM Technology

As the gaming generation reaches maturity and enters the workforce, employers should recognize their technological expertise that could revolutionize their organizations. BIM technology is proving to be a major draw for this demographic, and companies offering these cutting-edge tools have an exciting opportunity to benefit from it. Young professionals are increasingly looking to BIM technology as an exciting career opportunity, and businesses are now recognizing the potential of this next-gen skill set. By understanding the advantages of utilizing these highly innovative employees, organizations can benefit from productivity gains while getting ahead in their market — but how? We’ll dive into […]
2023 Construction Trends: What to Expect

2023 Construction Trends: What to Expect

The construction industry has undergone many changes in the past year. The industry had a great start in 2022 with four months of increased construction spending. Although the construction industry has improved, supply chain bottlenecks, inflation, and labor shortages remain significant challenges. Additionally, 93% of construction companies have vacant positions, according to a study done in 2022 by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and Autodesk. While some challenges will continue into 2023, construction companies can also expect positive changes. Let’s look at some construction trends to keep an eye on in 2023. For the sake of this article, we […]
An aerial view of a city skyline

How Technology is Driving Innovation in AEC Companies

The AEC industry is transforming at an astonishing rate – driven by the explosion of technological advancements across disciplines. Not only has technology opened a new wave of design and construction possibilities, but it’s also enabled more efficient collaboration opportunities and creative production methods. By leveraging cutting-edge tools, companies in the AEC industry are dramatically increasing their capabilities to innovate. This blog post will look at how technology drives innovation in AEC and how you can capitalize on its potential to drive your business forward. What Is Digital Transformation, and Why Should You Care? Digital transformation is the integration of […]