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SOLIDWORKS PDM – What is Cold Storage?

Cold Storage is a feature in SOLIDWORKS PDM that will automatically move or delete old versions of files. It can be used to reduce the amount of disk space required on an archive server. It's similar to tape backups that would be used to take data offline to minimize storage requirements in the early days of computing. While adding disk storage is relatively inexpensive these days, managing your file archive is something an administrator should consider. In this post we will discuss some considerations, how to configure cold storage, and how it is used.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Workflows: Tips & Traps

In over 13 years of working with SOLIDWORKS PDM I have created or modified dozens of workflows. Having spent so much time doing this I have found several tips that can save you time and enhance your workflows. I have also discovered a few traps to avoid. My goal with this article is to help you as a PDM Administrator configure workflows more efficiently.

Introducing the New SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020: Performance, Speed, Control

Mike DeKoning, TPM Technical Solutions Consultant