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How to Create My Very Own Dashboard On the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Warren McCray, Technical Solutions Consultant, MFG

Working from Home? TPM Can Help You Use SOLIDWORKS Remotely!

Robbie Hoyler, TPM Technical Solutions Manager, Elite AE, Manufacturing

Introducing the New SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020: Performance, Speed, Control

Mike DeKoning, TPM Technical Solutions Consultant

Structure Systems: A Tool Worth Your Time

Maxwell Ames, TPM Technical Solutions Consultant In the 2019 edition of SOLIDWORKS, the Structure system tool was added. This tool was designed to allow engineers to change the way they made their weldments by offering a simplified automated process that utilized points, lines, and planes for the creation of their structure. While introduced in 2019, structure systems was not widely used as it did not provide a significant boost in the efficiency of created weldments. So for the 2020 release of SOLIDWORKS, the software engineers behind the development of the tool analyzed all of the submitted user feedback and made […]