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Maximizing Your Productivity with Customized Tool Sets in Revu

Maximizing your Productivity with Customized Tool Sets in Revu If you are using mark-up and measurement tools in Bluebeam Revu for any sort of document review, customization of those tools will greatly benefit your workflow. How many times have you made mark-ups and had to change the color, line style, text style, etc. of those tools? If you conduct a review once a month maybe changing the properties of mark-ups isn’t that detrimental, but if you are conducting reviews on a daily or weekly basis this is definitely for you.  

Bluebeam Studio Sessions: 3 Tips for a Smooth QA/QC Process

 Preparing the document prior to bringing it into your session, will make for a smooth reviewing process. 

Three Things to Master in Revu to Elevate Your Studio Sessions

Want to maximize the digital collaboration Studio Sessions has to offer? Master these Revu capabilities first. Bluebeam Revu has for many years been among the top software programs for professionals in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. It allows users to view, mark up and edit PDF documents in a manner that is exponentially more organized and efficient than the former paper-based process. And with the release of Revu 20, users now have enhanced capabilities at their disposal.

Switching from Autodesk Multi-User to Single User

If you have been tasked with switching from Autodesk Multi-User (MU) (server based licensing) to Single-User (SU) (username based licensing), the TPM service team have some tips on how to make the process a lot smoother.