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5 Amazing Autodesk Projects

When asked where they find inspiration, artists have a variety of responses from nature to other artists. Architects and engineers are no different. Creators often find inspiration in nature (as we’ll see from some of the wood construction) and from other creators and how they utilize, capitalize on, and experiment with the tools given to them. That’s why we’re taking a moment to explore and appreciate some of the most innovative and groundbreaking Autodesk projects in building designs we’ve seen. Looking at what is capable with Autodesk tools and BIM technology, we hope these building designs will show you more […]
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Do I Need Autodesk Certification?

There’s no doubt that regardless of your industry or career, investing in industry-specific certifications has value. However, when it comes to software, especially software that many folks learn on the job or informally from more experienced users, it’s normal to question whether one needs to go through formal certification. However, in some cases, as with Autodesk certification, there is significant value beyond simply learning the tools of the trade.   What is Autodesk Certification? As with their varied line of software tools, Autodesk also offers certification across its software collections. A certification via an online exam validates your Autodesk skills […]
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4 Reasons You Should Be On Bluebeam Maintenance

As a TPM Bluebeam Technical Solutions Consultant, our customers often ask about the benefits of adding maintenance to their Bluebeam Revu License. Ordinarily, we receive inquiries about the value of maintenance from Perpetual License holders of Bluebeam Revu. Maintenance also applies to individuals with an Open License, as it is required with an Open License. Bluebeam’s Perpetual License model works a little differently than the Open License. Bluebeam’s Perpetual License provides you with access to Revu with maintenance as an optional addon. Yet, there is a value in opting for having maintenance included with a Perpetual License, and here’s why: […]
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Autodesk vs AutoCAD: Understanding the Difference

  In many industries, terminology gets treated interchangeably, whether it’s appropriate or not. Such is the case with Autodesk vs AutoCAD. There seems to be some confusion around how the two differentiate in internet searches, conversations, and more. Understanding how they’re connected and different is fundamental to understanding how they work within their industry verticals.   What is Autodesk? Autodesk is a suite of applications that works across multiple industries to aid and assist in the design process. Autodesk offers software for everything from the initial design phase to production workflow capabilities depending on the industry. In addition to design […]