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15+ Top Construction Trends for 2022

The resilience required to tackle the challenges of 2021 has become a solid foundation for building in 2022. So how do we turn lessons learned into something that makes us smarter, more strategic builders? With some economists calling 2022 the year of “consolidation and rebalancing,” the road ahead may not be without speed bumps, but at least we’ll have a better sense of how to navigate them. Global & Economic Construction Trends Increased tech adoption in US due to “Infrastructure Deal” “The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is a historic opportunity to transform what infrastructure we build and how we build it. […]
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How Autodesk Build Connects Construction Teams

Traditionally, project management has been complex, particularly in the construction industry. One of the biggest challenges construction professionals faced was the lack of communication from the office to the field. As new technology advancements come to life, communication issues become less common. In February 2021, after the acquisition of PlanGrid, software to update construction teams in real-time, Autodesk Build was announced. Autodesk Build has proved to be a great software tool for construction professionals. Build combines the real-time design impacts of PlanGrid with the project data and management capabilities of BIM 360. The significant part about Autodesk Build is its […]

An Intro to Autodesk Toolsets

“The intentions of a tool are what it does. A hammer intends to strike, a vise intends to hold fast, a lever intends to lift. They are what it is made for. But sometimes a tool may have other uses that you don’t know. Sometimes in doing what you intend, you also do what the knife intends, without knowing.” – Philip Pullman If Pullman is correct, there are then many benefits to tools; first, there is the clear benefit of their usage, but there is also the freedom they provide to explore, create, and do more. That is also the […]
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Weighing Your Options? Autodesk vs Solidworks

As a business leader, you’re likely called on to make a lot of decisions. Some of them may seem inconsequential, and others highly impactful. Regardless, every decision you make should be made after considering the options, and when the impact may be significant, it’s best to do some research first. When it comes to choosing your design software, it could have long-lasting implications for your business, your employees, and your projects. While there are quite a few options on the market, we’re going to take a look at two popular choices, Autodesk vs SOLIDWORKS. Each application has benefits; largely, your […]