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4 Reasons You Should Be On Bluebeam Maintenance

As a TPM Bluebeam Technical Solutions Consultant, our customers often ask about the benefits of adding maintenance to their Bluebeam Revu License. Ordinarily, we receive inquiries about the value of maintenance from Perpetual License holders of Bluebeam Revu. Maintenance also applies to individuals with an Open License, as it is required with an Open License. Bluebeam’s Perpetual License model works a little differently than the Open License. Bluebeam’s Perpetual License provides you with access to Revu with maintenance as an optional addon. Yet, there is a value in opting for having maintenance included with a Perpetual License, and here’s why: […]
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Your Top 5 Bluebeam Revu Questions, Answered

At TPM, we’re big fans of Bluebeam Revu and how it helps keep our client’s architecture, engineering and construction teams on the same page through the design process. Revu allows AEC teams to move projects forward during construction and preserve critical project data through completion and beyond. For architects, engineers, and contractors, the mark-up and collaboration tools in Bluebeam Revu allow for faster, more accurate, and more thorough quality reviews. Long story short, Bluebeam Revu is a must-have for any AEC firm. Revu speeds up design reviews by allowing project partners to mark up and collaborate on the same documents […]
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Saving Paper Using Bluebeam for Project Handover

Project management and having an efficient project lifecycle can be somewhat challenging. The challenge is especially true while involving all project stakeholders with mountains of paperwork. The amount of project documentation, details, and scope comes with various printed materials. These printed materials, or traditionally published, make up a project’s handover documentation.   What is Project Handover? Project handover is a process of delivering project documents to the project owner or other points of contact upon completion. Traditionally, the delivery of a project’s handover documentation involved physical paperwork. However, the advances in technology allow for digital delivery of this documentation. Having […]

Three Things to Master in Revu to Elevate Your Studio Sessions

Want to maximize the digital collaboration Studio Sessions has to offer? Master these Revu capabilities first. Bluebeam Revu has for many years been among the top software programs for professionals in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. It allows users to view, mark up and edit PDF documents in a manner that is exponentially more organized and efficient than the former paper-based process. And with the release of Revu 20, users now have enhanced capabilities at their disposal.