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HP Jet Fusion 340 3D Printer

HP 3D and Multi Jet Fusion Technology

By the 1990s, it was clear that 3D printing technology would evolve rapidly. As the market finds more uses for the process, as more materials become feasible, and as the process itself begins to respond and drive development itself, there’s no doubt we’ll continue to see growth in the technology. In the last few years, that growth has manifested itself in the form of Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)  technology which takes the 3D process and amplifies the benefits in ways that will surely expand its use.   3D Printer Technology Nearly all 3D printing technology functions on the same principle […]

Top 6 Benefits of 3D Printing

We live in a remarkable time. Advancements in technology are accelerating in just about every industry resulting in a significant resurgence in the manufacturing sector. Not all of those advancements are related to 3D printing; however, 3D printing is expected to continue to grow exponentially, impacting nearly every industry, notably those already utilizing 3D design software. I’m sure you are wondering, what are the benefits of 3D printing related to my business? Let’s jump right in.   What is 3D Printing? Briefly, 3D printing is the creation of a physical 3D structure from a CAD or digital model. More specifically, […]

HP Smartstream: The Journey from Design to Printed Model

Like many of you, I love the idea of 3D printing. I used to be skeptical of its large-scale applications and ease of use. Well, that did not last long! Today’s journey will outline my route from concept to finished production parts, highlighting the ease of setup using Smartstream for the HP Multi Jet Fusion printers. On this trip, I will bring along SOLIDWORKS, my trusted parametric 3D computer-aided design software used by millions of users worldwide. My background as a CAD designer, instructor, and troubleshooter creates a firm foundation for understanding how the 3D world operates. From what I […]

TPM Announces Grand Opening of New 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Lab in Charlotte, NC

Greenville, SC — (SBWIRE) — 03/18/2019 — TPM, Inc., a leading Southeast 2D and 3D design technology provider, has opened its new 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Lab at its Charlotte, North Carolina office. This new lab will showcase the latest technology from leading manufacturers like HP and MarkForged. TPM will be offering a hands-on tour of the facility during its open house on April 11, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. After a six-month project, the lab was completed on March 1, 2019. “With the completion of this 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Lab, TPM can now provide hands-on tours […]