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The Real Difference Between Hobbyist and Professional 3D Printers

From futuristic concept to creative hobby to new industrial revolution, 3D printing has had a tumultuous journey of self-actualization since it first emerged in the 1980s. Originally conceived as rapid prototyping technology during the expansion phase of 3D CAD, early 3D printers rarely saw use outside of form modeling in well-funded R&D centers. The specialized labor requirements (3D CAD was still considered a rare skill in the 90s!) and high costs made it prohibitively expensive for the average prototype. As the technology matured through the 1990s and 2000s and early patents neared expiration, 3D printers proliferated through open source initiatives […]

The Additive Movement Has Arrived

Public perception of additive manufacturing has been skewed for years. Industry monoliths have been obsessed over futuristic, vanity applications instead of practical use cases. But they’ve had it wrong. Today, 3D printing solutions are already transforming supply chains and manufacturers around the world. Industries Using Additive Manufacturing within Survey Industry experts have long predicted the advent of an “Additive Manufacturing Revolution.” But the way they pitch it, 3D printing is as practical as flying cars. These experts may have to wait another decade for their unit economics and throughput capacity of 3D printing to make mass production and mass customization […]

Design for Additive Manufacturing: How to Model and Design 3D Printed Parts for Real-World Applications