Comparing Plastics Injection Molding Simulation Results to Real-world Molded Parts

Summary Producing high-quality, plastic injection-molded parts more quickly and cost-effectively than the competition has become a critical factor for manufacturing success in today’s global market. Instead of engaging in slow, expensive prototype iterations and test cycles to satisfy manufacturing requirements, designers, moldmakers, and manufacturing professionals can leverage SOLIDWORKS® Plastics mold-filling simulation software to optimize parts for manufacturability, refine tooling to improve quality, and shorten cycle times to reduce manufacturing costs. Whether you design parts, create molds, or manage injection-molded production, SOLIDWORKS Plastics solutions will help you resolve your injection-molding challenges in software—rather than through costly, time-consuming prototyping iterations—so you can […]

SOLIDWORKS: Modernizing Technical Communication by Leveraging 3D CAD Data

Overview Nowadays, product companies have automated their design engineering processes to get products to market faster and more efficiently. But in many companies, technical communication— the creation of technical data to support the product—remains woefully under-automated and out of synch with the design process. Now, you can break the bottleneck by making technical communication part of the design process—and concurrent with it. With a dedicated and powerful tool for graphical technical communication from Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp., you can let everyone involved in technical communication directly repurpose 3D CAD data to create 2D and 3D graphical content. A business opportunity […]

SOLIDWORKS: IDC Cloud Security

IN THIS WHITE PAPER Companies today are faced with the challenge of a complex and hypercompetitive global market. Aggressive competition from emerging economies coupled with increasing costs in creating continued innovation make product differentiation a challenge. For these companies to thrive globally, they need to look at how they can speed up their internal decision making, and also their integration with partners up and down the value chain so as to enable fast responses to marketplace demands and the development and delivery of innovative products. The promise of cloud solutions can serve as an integration backbone for inter-enterprise collaboration through […]

SOLIDWORKS: Designing With The Single Modeling Environment

Developing innovative design concepts is critically important to the success of product development organizations, large and small, because these ideas lay the foundation for future business success. Using conventional CAD software for conceptual design presents challenges because traditional modeling tools—developed to finalize designs and support manufacturing/assembly—constrain the freedom, flexibility, and creativity that drive effective conceptual design. With the SOLIDWORKS® Conceptual Designer single modeling environment, design engineers have a dedicated platform that is completely focused on quickly capturing, developing, and communicating design ideas and concepts. The Conceptual Design Environment: Where the Magic Happens! Innovation dominates the future of virtually all manufacturing […]