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Autodesk Software: Assigning Licenses and Accessing Products


Whether you are an existing standalone seat holder adding to your seat count or a former multi-user account holder switching to standalone, this article will be helpful to you. We’re going to give away the bank on what now seems like an age-old and common support request of “how do I add a user and provide a seat of the software to a new standalone user?.” This process is twofold so listen up.

On the account management side of the house:

  • The contract manager (now known as primary admin) or software coordinator (now secondary admin) will need to have their Autodesk account email and password handy.
  • Locked and loaded with your account information, go to and sign in.

Autodesk Sign-in Screen - Autodesk Software

  • Once in your account (3a), click on your profile logo or image in the top right of the browser, and then (3b) click on “products and services.

Products and Services in the Autodesk Portal - Autodesk Software

  • Click on “by user” and (4a) “invite users” (4b). You can either invite a single user or click on the “invite multiple” tab for multiple users (be sure to follow the right format in the example on the dialog box for multiple users).

"by user" in the Autodesk portal - Autodesk software Inviting users to your Autodesk software feature Inviting multiple users to your Autodesk software downloads

  • After inviting the user, you can go to their username and assign them the software (5a). You can also set the software by clicking on “by product” on the left-hand menu on the page (5b). From there, either select the product name or the arrow to get to the product (5c). Click “Assign” to assign the product to the user.


Picture7-1 Picture8-1




From the User’s Computer:

Download the appropriate software if a new user (they can do so from with their email and created password).

  • Below displays how to access the Autodesk Desktop App for specific scenarios an end-user might encounter. Figure 1 through 1b is how an existing user logs out of their Autodesk Desktop app and back in. 1 AND figure 1b shows if a new user logs in to the desktop app for the first time.

Searching for the Autodesk Desktop App on Windows - Autodesk Software

Signing into the Autodesk Desktop App - Autodesk Software Products

  • Launch the software. The software should utilize your sign-in from the Autodesk Desktop App to provide you access to the software. If asked for license type, click “single-user” and sign in again if necessary.

Logging into Autodesk Civil 3D, an Autodesk Software product.

If you happen to be coming off of multi-user licenses and get a network error, license error or have any other issues with accessing the software, follow the steps at the link listed here.