Integrated Project Delivery


Integrated project delivery (IPD) is an emerging business model in the building industry that allows for the entire extended team to collaborate early in the process to make the most effective decisions together. The IPD process is built on behavior and contractual relationships that are greatly enhanced by incorporating the technology-based process of BIM. BIM helps project teams use consistent, reliable information in a common collaborative environment, increasing understanding of design intent, improving efficiency, and enabling new ways of working that inspire more sustainable design and construction.

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Wondering how Integrated Project Delivery works? Download this pdf to view an informative example of its five integral phases.
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Integrated Project Delivery: Guide and Definition

IPD is set to fundamentally change the way projects are delivered by optimizing stakeholder collaboration at all levels and at every stage. This guide and definition from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) shows how.

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BIM & IPD – The White Paper

Within the building industry there is a growing interest in integrated project delivery (IPD) and the role building information modeling (BIM) can play in promoting integration among building professionals and improving design outcomes. This white paper examines IPD and considers its impact on the building industry—and how BIM is central to process changes that IPD will bring.

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