With Autodesk software and TPM services, you can win more work and deliver projects with more predictability and less risk.

Constructability Modeling
  • Gain insight early in the process
  • Establish a platform for clash detection, construction analysis, and fabrication
  • Support more sustainable and cost-effective construction practices

Constructability modeling

  • Estimate early and often to help owners with decision making
  • Build on information as it becomes available
  • Ensure awareness of the cost implications of design and provide alternatives


  • Provide a single, whole-project view
  • Better coordinate site and work crew planning
  • Improve project outcomes through fewer RFIs and field coordination problems


  • One-click access to BIM project data–almost anytime, anywhere
  • Real-time clash detection and coordination
  • Shorter coordination review cycles
  • Mobile access via iPad® mobile device
  • Greater efficiency across the extended project team


Planning & Logistics 
  • Enhance planning and trade coordination
  • More quickly assess and quantify the impact of scope changes
  • Explore tradeoffs when considering how to execute work
  • More easily communicate project plan to stakeholders


Field Management 
  • Anywhere, anytime information access across the job site
  • Higher issue, quality, and safety conformance through project execution
  • Well-informed, happy owners who ask for repeat work

Field Management