BIM Tune-Up



BIM is no longer a competitive advantage for AEC firms.  According to the latest McGraw Hill Smart Market report in 2012, 71% of AEC firms have reported that they have implemented a BIM process. While this is great news for firms who have been pushing for more standardization in the industry, it brings up the question, if BIM is now the new standard, how does an AEC firm continue to maintain a unique competitive advantage in such a highly competitive environment as we are in currently.  It is this quandry that led TPM to launch the BIM Tune-Up.


It’s a fact that BIM technologies and processes will continue to evolve and advance.   AEC firms that continually examine and improve their  BIM process not only increase their efficiency, but find new ways to derive value from the process such as analysis or simulation.  This is what can help a firm keep a competitive advantage when other firms are implementing new tools or processes such as BIM.  In reality though, what tends to be the case is that many firms, especially the early adopters, due to constraints such as time, budget, economy, etc. have not taken the time to continually examine their processes and their tools to see where improvements can be made.  This leaves firms vulnerable to their competitors catching up, or sometimes even surpassing them in the area of technology effectiveness.


What the BIM Tune-Up offers customers is an in-depth look at a customer’s current process and use of BIM tools to assess where a customer is currently, and where the opportunities for improvement are.  Our expert Application Engineers will assess a firm across a multitude of areas, and then deliver the customer the results of the assessment along with customized recommendations  that the firm can take to gain efficiency, or additional capabilities.   With the introduction of the Autodesk Design Suites such as the Building Design Suite, customers already have the tools, they just need the knowledge to put them work.


If you are interested in engaging TPM to do a BIM Tune-Up for your firm, please contact your TPM representative or for more information.