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Never Stop Learning with TPM, Inc.

The Carolina’s Largest 3D CAD Provider

TPM, Inc. is a leading technology company headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina. TPM is proud of its reputation of providing cutting-edge solutions to the engineering and design community for the past 40 years.

Founded in 1973, by Jerry Cooper TPM Inc. serves more than 3,000 customers across the Southeast each year. Inspired by our founder, Jerry Cooper, we are committed to offering our clients the best:

Integrity is the foundation of our company. A family business with strong Southern values, at TPM we expect our employees to ask themselves everyday if they are doing the right thing on every design, printing job, project and contract.We expect them to embrace change, become experts in the field and provide our customers with with exceptional leadership in the design and print industry-and they do.

Our History

Nothing Happens Unless You Make It Happen

TPM founder Jerry Cooper grew up just south of Piedmont. His father, a mill worker and part-time minister, encouraged strong morals and a positive outlook, which his close-knit family embraced. Service to community and country, faith in the inherent goodness of people and doing the right thing were the foundation of Jerry’s family life, values that continue to play a critical role at TPM, along with another Cooper family dictum: never stop learning.

Jerry’s natural business sense, curiosity and desire to improve every customer’s experience were present from an early age. As a young teenager working in his uncle’s department store, Jerry quickly recognized the importance of asking the right questions to identify and support each customer’s vision, whether that was buying a beautiful new dress or creating unprecedented growth for their company.

This early experience and his own character helped Jerry recognize another opportunity that would change his life. Working as a draftsman, Jerry realized printing blueprints might be a lucrative way to enable him to pay for college to pursue an engineering degree. Already dedicated to embracing change, Jerry purchased his first blueprinting machine, set up shop and TPM (The Print Machine) was born.

In the 1970’s, as TPM established roots and began its incredible growth, architects, engineers and designers were still drafting by hand. But change was on the horizon and Jerry could see it. He predicted the innovations that would cycle through Letraset, desktop computers and ultimately the 3-D drafting of Autodesk and SolidWorks, which now bring innovative designs to life, with incredible clarity and precision.

The same is true today. Innovation is constant, and leadership in design and print means moving quickly, embracing change and always learning new technologies. The motto TPM shares with the Cooper family plays a role in our success here; at TPM, we expect every employee to follow Jerry’s lead – never stop learning.

The Future Of Print & Design

Moving Forward With Integrity

Innovators lead us to a future that may be hard to imagine; but Jerry Cooper has an idea of what’s in store. Seemingly impossible graphic displays, incredible buildings and extraordinary products will come to life in bold color and vibrant detail. Graphic designers, architects, engineers and manufacturers will enjoy greater efficiency, faster production and improved accuracy with cutting-edge design and printing technology.

TPM is prepared to lead the way into the future. Integrity, hard work and a company-wide capacity to imagine the possibilities put TPM and our customers at the forefront of all that’s ahead.

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