About TPM


Our Mission

We strive to satisfy the needs of architects, engineers, design professionals, and graphic artists in a manner that exceeds their expectations for product value, service, support, and training. Customers are not loyal to companies; customers are loyal to persons who are friendly, fair, honest, professionals, and who “go the extra mile.”

Our Focus: Service

The flow of capital, materials, and employees’ effort converges at one point – SERVICE. Our mission in simplest terms is: OUR FOCUS = SERVICE

Trademark: Thinking

Our company is built by people who think about ways to improve our operation. Each employee, by accepting a paycheck, agrees to become a “professional thinker.” Each job description includes the line “Solve Problems.” Every employee is empowered to satisfy customers and is expected to treat them as he wants to be treated.

Great Expectations!

Employees are expected to prepare themselves for the future. “Nothing Happens,” and having work today is not a guarantee of having work next week or next year. Not only is the market changing, but the speed of those changes is increasing weekly. We must embrace the change; NEVER STOP LEARNING. Management is responsible to treat employees with respect and dignity and to support individual development aimed at taking advantage of future opportunities. Recruiting enthusiastic, thinking employees and promoting qualified individuals within the organization are critical to our success.

Our Services

Let TPM take it up a STEP.

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